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    Products and
    Services for electronics
    Products and
    Services for electronics
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Winning organizational model, always careful to listen to the customer's needs in a dynamic and competitive market.


Services - Products


A laboratory of pre-qualification tests made available to the customer


Production engineering, from the simple inductance to the complete product


Winning organizational model, central services in Italy, production in LCC areas

Lean manufacturing

Actuators of lean manufacturing to deliver value to the customer


Total quality by using 6 sigma methodologies with our two greenbelt resources and our blackbelt resource


An effective logistics to halve the lead time


The best solutions with the best technologies


A laboratory of pre-qualification tests made available to the customer. A Siemens Chamber for testing on EMI problems is available for testing with the customer in the final product design stage.


Project development for cost reduction on existing products






Assembly of electronic boards with SMD and PTH technologies involving processes of control during the production cycle and final trial through in-circuit and functional testing

Mechanicals and Electronic integration

Product assembly, including the electronic components and the entire mechanical part. Final testing, packaging of the finished product ready for sale



Plastic molding, for customers who need to assemble not only electronic boards and components, but also plastic parts which are functional to the project entrusted to us. This is done thanks to our unit specialized in molding of particular technical components.


The best solutions with the best technologies


ALA and ALO series inductors, RCO series choke coil, RLB and SL series radial inductors, and wide band choke coil






Current transformers for protection and control circuits, as well as for measuring instruments, transformers for DIN guide for low voltage
Ferrite transformers for high frequency applications


Filter coils

Storage Coils with or without container and iron powder cores (IronPowder) or in molypermalloy (MPP), toroidal coils with noise suppresser for fitting on molded circuit. Toroidal coils with noise suppresser for dimmer and earth toroids

Power Supplies

Power supplies for installation on DIN guide, designed for home automation applications with switching technology. Solutions with power up to 70 W in modular containers




Objectives achieved

power supplies in service
coils and filters sold
products engineered and manufactured for our customers
electronic components installed / h


Imagine you make a new product and entrust us for mass production, benefiting from the low costs of our production sites. A well run complex machine in continuous organizational improvement will take care to engineer the production process and to obtain the necessary equipment and components.
The logistics will manage to make everything available, in the production sites.
The production sites, managed with the Lean production philosophy, will take care of production and testing.
The team is focused on achieving our goal:
Deliver the finished product to the end customer, in the expected manner and time.


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    Commercial office
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    Technical assistance
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    Design Office
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    Quality Control
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    Customer Service


Our strengths

    the answers requested by our customers

    totally innovative projects

    in products and services, thanks to our efforts, skills and creativity

    motivated people who make the difference

Cogema in the World

Electronics without borders

In the era of globalization, COGEMA has been able to diversify geographically its production structure, by building new plants to drastically reduce costs while ensuring and increasing the quality of its products. Thus were born the production facility of Plovdiv in Bulgaria and the partnership with an important electronic manufacturing company in Tunisia, both with UNI EN ISO 9001-2000 certifications, followed by the establishment of a production facility in China. The relationship between the several plants and the new headquarters is continuous and tight, by using the most advanced information technologies. The involvement of human resources in many decision-making processes is equally important, as it strengthens team work and shapes company spirit. The commercial and designing operating structure is located in the wide and modern Italian premises in Merone (CO). It is here that we have installed the cutting edge Siemens Screened Chamber since the 80's. This chamber is indispensable for testing electromagnetic compatibility. Power Coils, another company of Cogema Group, is also located in Italy. It designs and manufactures wrapped components for industrial and power electronics, specializing in small production volumes.



Group headquarters, with the senior management, research & development, technical department, central quality control, purchasing, logistics, sales department and customer service. Power Coils production line dedicated to prototypes and products for use in power electronics, transport, electro-medicals, and many other fields


Production lines with 150 employees dedicated to the assembly, implementation and testing of electronic boards , MECHANICAL AND ELECTRONIC INTEGRATION . Operational since 1994 - UNI EN ISO 9001-2000
Certified (TUV D Certification Body)



Production lines with 220 employees dedicated to the assembly, implementation and testing of electronic boards and electronic products Workshop for plastic molding and moulds maintenance UL compliant production facility for wrapped electronics Operational since: 1988 UNI EN ISO 9001-2000
Certified (TUV D Certification Body)


This site is dedicated to the production UL compliant custom electronic components. The purchasing department ensures advanced research and development of new areas for the purchase of raw material. The quality control office has the task to approve new suppliers and check requirements with constant controls on individual deliveries. Operational since: 2006 UNI EN ISO 9001-2000
Certified (TUV D Certification Body)


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